Love U Madly’s Next Chapter: It’s All About Violet Andie


I am thrilled to share that our Violet Andie made her world debut on September 7th at 3:14am!

Labor was laborious, but relatively fast. Amazingly, a few days later the hospital sent us home and told us to go be parents. The first week, we pretty much just stared at her. “I love us,” Dean said as we both got a bit weepy staring at our precious baby girl.


I instantly loved my little Violet more than I thought possible. I love her little lips, her soft skin, her sweet I-just-made-a-poop-smile. Sure, I’m exhausted. My boobs seem to be the focus of most conversations in and out of our home, invited and uninvited, with closest friends and total strangers. Most days I consider myself lucky if I shower and change out yesterday’s PJs by 10 pm. But, I’m obsessed with every of her 7 pound 12 ounces (and growing!).

All this, quite honestly, I expected.

What surprised me? How much I love my husband even more madly. He is a rockstar partner who cleans the breast pumps, enthusiastically changes diapers, and manages to seem sincere when he tells me I look incredible with spit up in my hair and milk leaking down my stomach.

We are a family. I love us.



Babymoon: Cap Cana

A babymoon is the smartest thing expecting parents ever made up (second to a “push present” of course). Dean and I had our little getaway this past weekend in the Dominican Republic at the brand new Eden Roc Cap Cana Hotel. The property was stunning and the beach was breathtaking. We had absolutely no schedule (very unusual for us) and it was delightful. We slept, read, ate, and took the bump swimming in the ocean for the first time. We know our lives will soon change forever and taking a few days to appreciate just how lucky (and well-rested) we are right now was awesome.




babymoon, beachy









And all great trips should end with a dessert like this…

photo 2


Happy Weekend & A Clueless Guide To Washington, DC

Last weekend, we explored Washington, DC and overlapped with Love Them Madly (less 1 of Them).

It was my first time in DC. It felt like my first time in DC. I proved to have no memory, no sense of direction, and no organization even though I spent four years living in the District during college. Reaching for the gingko biloba right now.

The main goal of the weekend was to see the cherry blossoms which were scheduled to peak while we were there. When this happens, the whole Mall is pink. Every grey, beige, and brown monument is suddenly that much more stunning. Of course, it snowed during the week and not only was it not the peak but it was difficult to find the one blossomed tree we found. We couldn’t help but laugh when we stepped back into our NYC apartment building only to find giant vases filled with gorgeous cherry blossoms. We chose to ignore the message.


DC- capitol

Not DC graffiti. Actually part of the Berlin Wall at the Newseum

Not DC graffiti. Actually part of the Berlin Wall at the Newseum

Very delicious gelato.

Very delicious gelato.

Segways - the only way (lazy) people should ever tour DC

Segways – the only way (lazy) people should ever tour DC

Jefferson Memorial

DC - cherry blossom

DC - washington memorial

Wishing everyone a happy exploration-filled weekend.

Hope you treat yourself to something scrumptious like this…

DC - Founding Farmer

DC Short Guide: Our Favorites

Museum: Newseum

Activities: Segs in the City, Segway Tour and Rentals, around the National Mall and Memorials

Eastern Market

Brunch: Founding Farmer

Dinner: Rasika (AMAZING modern Indian food!) (must have reservation OR very charming husband to get table)

DC Comedy Show: Capitol Steps (dorky, but funny)


Things I Learned This Weekend: Stratton, VT Edition

1. When you want to be outside, the kids need a nap.


When you need a nap, there’s no way the kids are going for it.




2. Lodge food has gotten fancy. We had huge bowls of organic curry noodle soup with tofu, snap peas, and lots of deliciousness.


3. Snowshoeing is awesome. I’m usually a skier but this time I opted for snowshoeing with my Dad and bro-in-law. We hiked through powder covered trees and up a tower with stunning views.





What did you learn this weekend?


My New Favorite Gift: Pinch in a Pouch

All Wrapped Up

I have a favorite new gift and I just have to share it with you. It was gifted to me recently and I could not get over it. It has everything a girl might need “in a pinch,” all in the tiniest of tiny pouch making it the perfect stocking stuffer or shoot-i-forgot-to-get-you-something-and-now-i’m-seeing-you Hanukkah gift.

minimergency kit

The Minimergency Kit (for her) contains… hairspray, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, emery board, lip balm, earring backs, clear elastics, mending kit, double-sided tape, stain remover, deodorant towelette, pain reliever, tampon, breath freshener, dental floss, and an adhesive bandages ALL IN A 3 INCH POUCH! I know it’s crazy. The kit for Moms has all that plus crayons, a thermometer, caffeine gum, sanitizer wipes etc. And there is a great one for guys too with all those weird things they like: lint remover, shoe shine wipes, and styptic pencils (don’t worry, i had no idea what a styptic pencil was either but apparently it’s for razor nicks, minor cuts etc – it’s a guy thing!)



 Yes, I’m just a little bit obsessed with these. And, no, this is not paid advertising – I just think it’s the best thing ever.

Find them here: For Her, For Him, For Mom, For Labor & Delivery, For Mother of the Groom

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