Christian Louboutin: Living in Two Different Worlds

Where would you imagine Christian Louboutin, the designer of this shoe, would live?

I always pictured some majorly bedazzled, gaudy-but-still-fabulous penthouse in Paris. Sure, he may have one of those too. But his real retreat is in Egypt and you may be surprised by its simplicity.


the courtyard





dining room

bedroom with hand-beaded furniture

study/design studio



Style Me Pretty

I was just a tiny bit excited to see the first preview of the Style Me Pretty Weddings book and not just because our wedding is featured (both in book and preview!). Ok, that’s a lie. It’s 100% because our wedding is featured in it. But especially excited because we are not only featured, but Abby Larson (the founder of Style Me Pretty) wrote the most amazing introduction to our wedding. She wrote “As someone who looks at beautiful wedding day in and day out, I can honestly tell you that this particular wedding {OURS!} has completely and totally stolen my heart. It’s layer upon layer of pretty with a bride and groom who literally glow.”

I cried. I even think Dean got a little choked up.

Below is a glimpse and I can not wait to see the rest of our spread and the entire book which is sure to be stunning cover to cover. You can pre-order all this gorgeousness here. I’ve cut out some of the print so you can read a little too.



I can’t wait till the book is out on December 18th when I can share even more about our wedding. I have many, many party DIYs saved up!



Get Your Hair Out of Your Face

You would think throwing my hair up in a pony tail would be an easy task. Well, I guess it is. But, throwing it up in a pony and having it actually look like I didn’t sleep through my alarm clock, but instead had the time and ability to style it is a whole other challenge. Luckily, there’s help with that in NYC. The John Barrett Salon (which lives on the 8th floor of Bergdorfs) now has a pony  tail bar. I know, it sounded ridiculous to me too. But since I was smitten with their braid bar, I decided to give it a shot.

First of all, you instantly feel fancy walking into Bergdorfs, having someone ask if you need any help, and saying oh no thank you, I’m going up to the salon. Just like the braid bar, when I arrived I was given a lookbook of countless pony options. Kayley, my stylist, helped me pick a horse. I mean, pony.  Then she got busy and in 15 minutes my hair looked like this:

The Braid Bar is still my favorite, because the style lasts for several days. This is perfect for an event when you don’t want to have a real “up-do.” For those of you not in NYC or not shelling out 50 bucks for a pony, Kayley offered the following tips for those trying it at home:

1. Blow out your already dry hair to smooth it out. If you have bangs or layers in the front, focus on those sections. Blow them away from your face.

2. POOF is good. Kayley said that a nice poof in front of your pony helps elongate your face, so don’t be afraid. Comb it back and then tease it up. Hairspray is key here.

3. Pull all of the hair from just above your ear line and below into the pony tail and tie with an elastic. Use the top half of your head of hair and brush it to one side and twist it around the elastic, covering it. OR if you want to put all your hair in the ponytail, make a braid with a small amount of hair on the bottom of the ponytail  and wrap that around the elastic, covering. Pin it in place.

Here’s a how-to from The Beauty Department:

Is your head spinning? Mine, too! Coming soon will be Part 2 of Hairstyles So Easy, You Can Do Them on the Subway and until then, head over to John Barrett’s Pony and Braid Bars.


Fake It Till You Make It: Easier Said, Than Done

Yesterday, I attended a bloggers day hosted by Lucky Magazine. I sat in front of big shots of the fashion world and instead of listening intently, I had an internal meltdown complete with a “this is a big, big world and I’m a small, small fish” panic. Why was I even there? I’m no fashionista. I felt intimidated and I momentarily let it get the best of me.

Then Rachel Zoe entered the room looking fabulous and emanating fearless energy (and a to-die-for necklace from her new line)…

Photo Source; Amazing tassel necklace from her collection (here)

When asked how she has the confidence to do all she does, she said it’s important to feel comfortable in your work, but it shouldn’t be easy. If it’s easy, you’ll start to slip. If you can do something with your eyes closed, it’s time to move on. I was suddenly inspired to find my balance (though I’m more striving for the “being comfortable” zone).

I quickly headed home for an outfit change and attended an awesome Fashion Week kick-off dinner hosted by American Express for the Glam Network. I wore a fun dress and shoes, and when I walked into a room full of accomplished writers, photographers, and bloggers I finally felt like I had some of my own fearless energy emanating.

* Outfit is entirely from ASOS: Dress is 50% off now (here); Shoes are $59 – for real! (click here)


Next Week is Love U Madly’s 1st Birthday!

I can’t believe I’ve survived a year. With the exception of holidays and two technical/motivational issue days, regular posts every day at 6am Monday through Friday. I’m patting myself on the back, yes. But, I’m also patting the back of my very lovely readers. New and old. Fleeting and loyal. Friends I haven’t spoken to in 20 years or in 20 minutes. Mom and Mom-In-Law. Sisters. Uncle. Grandma. Even my dad, who finally learned to make comments on the site after eight months, then left comments so quirky and misunderstood that one reader just had to ask “What’s Up with John?”I’ve learned about styling food and crafts, and I have a long way to go. I’ve learned about time management and how little sleep I barely function on. I’ve learned many, many lessons in bravery and kindness.

I can now say one year later I love many things madly besides the five categories of this blog. Blogging with my sister. Pinterest. Sugar. Facebook. Foodgawker. Sur la Table. My camera. Fairway market. Home Depot. Online shopping. But one thing that I still love madly above all else: my usually patient, very handsome, always supportive hubby.

Top Ten of Love U Madly’s First Year (based on traffic alone and I’ve included the other social media details from each post):
1. Fruit Roll-Ups Pinned: 185,000 times; Facebook Liked: 1,717 times

2. DIY hair bands Pinned: 7,000  FB Like: 164

3. Crystal Light lip glossPinned: 13,000 FB Like: 270

4. Testing hair tutorials on the subwayPinned: 7,000 FB Like: 7

5. DIY Rock runner.. Pinned: 1,000  FB Like: 40

6. Wine Pops Pinned: 4,000  FB Like: 644

7. Granola Cups Pinned: 972  FB Like: 74

8. Game Night Vodka…  Pinned: 2,000 FB Like: 57

9. S’more cups  Pinned: 164  FB Liked: 34

10. Wine Cork Trivets  Pinned: 931 FB Liked: 10


(Balloon Photo Source)

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