About Me & Love U Madly

Very often, I get carried away. I stretch myself too thin. 

I over-commit and refuse to under-deliver. 
Rumor is the blogging world tends to embrace that and so I’m thrilled to 
over-extend even more and commit to LOVEUMADLY. 

I’m the third generation in my family's taxi business. I work with my uncle 
and cousin in a business that my grandparents started in the 1960s. I think 
that’s pretty neat. 

I also love writing and don’t mind embarrassing my family with the topics 
I write about as evidence here and here. My mother, sister and I have written 
a memoir and we hope some day soon it is published for you to read.  


About Love U Madly 

One night as we fell asleep, my boyfriend blurted out, “I’m falling madly in love with you, Kim.” 
I had been desperately waiting for those words and I told him I was falling in love with him, too. 
Without missing a beat he whispered, “I said madly.” And so, love you madly became our most important 
phrase and we repeated it as we walked down the aisle on our wedding day this past summer. 
My blog is a collection of all other things that I love madly. 

Food. Travel. Style. DIY Projects. For the Home. And hopefully, so much more.  


Love U Madly has been featured on The Kitchn, HGTV, Food Gawker, Craft Gawker, Wedding Gawker, Craft Gossip, 
Taste Spotting, Serious Eats, Finding Vegan and hopefully the list will just keep growing! 


* The illustrations on the main page of this blog were made with Paper Source stamps.