Brilliant Organizing Tip of the Day

Being unorganized and irresponsible is a not-so-charming combination I have managed to master. I’m a work in progress, but just as I think I’ve finally cured myself of my issues, I lose/can’t find yet another thing. Recently, it was an old pair of eyeglasses and a new pair of sunglasses. In the same week.

I actually said to Dean, “Well, I had the glasses for almost ten years, so really that was a pretty good run.” Pitiful, huh? This past weekend my brilliant mother-in-law showed me her new glasses organization method. Just put them on a hanger… simple as that.

Using a velvet covered hanger is best, or wrap your hanger in ribbon as I did here. Feel free to adorn with a bow, broach, or old earring.

What keeps you organized? Or are you just as hopeless as I am?

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  1. wow- you have a lot of sunglasses!!! such a good idea

  2. Mom put all sunglasses in a bowl on the foyer and I like your idea better.

  3. I love keeping my cooking spray and potholders in pot drawer.
    Also, plastic supermarket bags in a square empty tissue box…..neat and holds lots of them.

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