Crystal Light Beauty Products

Last weekend, I met a family friend’s lovely girlfriend for the first time. She’s a nutritionist, so naturally I pounced on her. What are foods to absolute avoid? What do you think of that Paelo diet? What do you eat as a snack – and don’t you dare tell me carrots!   I highly doubt this is how she wanted to spend her Sunday in the Hamptons, but I was relentless. She basically believes in moderation. Very little red meat. And absolutely no artificial sweeteners. I nodded in agreement (to the sweetener, not to the meat) and idiotically said: I don’t drink coffee, so that one’s easy for me.  But then I realized I had just finished a Diet Coke and was working a Crystal Light. I hid the pink lemonade behind my back and continued nodding.

So what’s a girl to do with all her extra Crystal Light (because we know I’m not giving up my Diet Coke so fast)?  Make it into lip gloss, of course! It took two minutes to make. Just don’t tell the nutritionist how tasty it is to eat!



Crystal Light Lip Gloss 

Vaseline or Un-Petroleum Jelly
Crystal Light (I used Cherry Pomegranate and Raspberry Lemonade) (Kool-Aid apparently work as well, but I haven’t tried)
a small container (i charmed a salesperson at Sephora and they gave me a bunch of these)
a mixing tool (I used a plastic knife after my q-tip got too goopy)

Fill the empty small container with your Un-Petroleum Jelly. Add the Crystal Light. Keep adding and stirring till you have your desired color. If you put it on right away it will be exfoliating. Wait an hour and the granules will dissolve. Pucker up!

(DIY Source: How Does She)

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  1. I like this! Just one question.. what is crystal light made of?
    I believe it’s just another US only product.. ;_;
    Thank you!

  2. This is a great idea, but what is unpetroleum jelly and where can you find it?

    • sells unpetroleum jelly for pretty cheap. It’s made of all natural ingredients and it’s not based on petroleum jelly like the name suggests. I think one of the main ingredients is castor oil. It’s a good buy.

      • Also, could you use just regular vaseline?

        • loveumadly says:

          You can probably use regular, but un-petroleum is made with natural ingredients so I imagine it’s a bit safer for ingesting (or putting it on your lips). I found mine at my grocery store ( Fairway). I think the ALBA brand is all over at pharmacies, markets, whole foods.

      • Ok so you want to use something all natural mixed with a chemical laced diet drink mix. That hardly makes sense!

        • I think the point of the more natural un-petroleum jelly is because it is not a product meant to be digested(regular petroleum jelly). Crystal Light may not be the best but it is a product already intended to be digested. This is going on the mouth mind you. Love this idea so I can really customize the shade and flavor. Has anyone experimented with mixing the flavors and colors?

    • at a drugstor near you ,h.e.b, or walmart any store works pretty much

  3. Do you mix the crystal lite with water first or just add the powder?

    • loveumadly says:

      Nope just the powder!

      • When I did this the crystallight didn’t dissolve I didn’t put much in and I tried heating it up but!

        • Mine didn’t dissolve either….very disappointed.

          • Wait a day for the powder to get saturated. Remember you are putting it in oil not water. It will not dissolve immediately. It will take time to draw the water from the oil to saturate the powder. I did mine Friday night using coconut oil & vitamin E oil, heated it, mixed it together and let it sit. The mix settled to the bottom. Today I scooped it out and whipped it with my Ikea coffee frother and put it back into tins. It’s beautiful, smooth and yummy! I might add a bit of beeswax for the warmer months so the balm doesn’t liquify as quickly.

        • If u shake it really good and hard it will dissolve

  4. Dont use crystal light. It’s not healthy to put Monsanto GMo drinks or food on or in your body. It gives you cancer. Real sugar or nothing at all. Research it. Saying-sharing-posting with love.

    • loveumadly says:

      I hear ya Sherry! That’s what the post was about after some advice from a nutritionist. Thanks for saying-sharing-posting! :)

      • M_Smith9311 says:

        I’m a nutritionist major. Actually those research projects done saying that they give us cancer are innacurate. They were giving rats human size portions of that stuff. Thats why it was causing cancer, because of a high high overdose. Not because of the ingredients. Once the researchers realized this, they never came out with their mistake because they didn’t want to look stupid. Our bodies recognize it as sugar and process it as regular sugar, so it causes no problems. (Except for diabetics, because it still affects there blood sugar sometimes)
        *Not trying to look like a “know it all” just trying to help you not worry about it”

        • @M_Smith9311, so your saying that small doses of Monsanto GMO’s are ok for human’s with no side effects??

          If that was true, it wouldn’t matter because Monsanto GMO’s are in 95% if not more, of EVERTHING you buy off the selves in the store, so “as humans” we are consuming high amounts of this stuff every single day!! unless there is organic foods in your refrigerator or on your self, everything in your house is a Monsanto GMO Product!! The average age of death by old age in France is 85 – 90 years old, in the USA and Canada we average 65 years old!!! All of Europe and several other countrys absolutely refuse to Genetically Modify any of there foods and because they are absolutely disgusted with what we allowing are people to eat and the way we grow and raise our food… they past a law that states under no circumstances will they ever allow US or Canadian food products over there borders!!! They have no respect for us as a country. As an American, I am disgusted with the things major companies such as Monsanto are doing to our foods with no regard with the health of the people and that they are being more then conniving and secretive with what they are really doing with our food, they are in it for the money not people! So as a nutritionist, forgive me when I say that I am shocked that you are saying that GMO’s are ok for us to consume! They will NEVER be ok to consume!

          • AMEN Brandi!

          • Henrie Marie says:

            Brandi you are 100% correct!

          • I totally support your choice to be against GMO’s, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT back up your convicion with inaccurate information. The average life expectancy in the United States is (according to the CDC) more like 78 years not 65. If they taught you in college that the life expectancy is 65, ask for your money back. Just one more example of people carelessly throwing out ‘facts’ to back up their point of view. It is sad we cannot believe anything we read, even from so-called college-educated professionals.

          • don’t real nutritionist have to go to college!?! off the ‘selves’? on your ‘self’? several other ‘countrys’? ‘there’ foods? we allowing are people? ‘past’ a law? over ‘there’ borders?

          • Where did you get your numbers?! I just did a quick google and your numbers are grossly mistaken. Before anyone pays any attension to what this person is saying look up the numbers yourself. You will see she has no clue what she is talking about. As for the sweetner, it is not cancer causing new reasearch and the FDA have backed that up.

          • Actually someting can be organically labled & still be a GMO. Organic labels only pertain to the way it was grown or raised. Ie; without pesticides.

          • Julanne Luderman says:

            Yes, “real” nutritionists are called registered dietitians and must complete their baccalaureate degree as well as an internship at a hospital. I know because I am an RD. Don’t believe everything you hear. Go to an RD for the latest research findings. However, we RDs are also human and don’t have God-like knowledge about what is/is not bad for us. We rely on research, and recommendations change as more results are found. Since the food supply is rapidly changing, we do not yet and may never know the exact effects of our current diets over a lifetime.

          • I have to agree with Cindy. If one wants to rant and make a defense for a debated topic, PLEASE use an educated presentation, not one full of middle school errors. We all make a few typos but your list of mis-statements, misspellings, wrong homophones, etc. just killed your credibility. Maybe a writing course should be considered for your success.

          • I am sorry but MSG and GMOs are two totally different things

          • You all are a bunch of angry people. Clearly you cannot find the correct thread to spill all of your opinions on the above stated arguments. Instead, you have thrown some poor woman’s “simple homemade lip glos” DIY idea under a freight train. Seriously, grow up. And, all of you should take a grammar class – and a social etiquette class. With affinities to Organic Food and such, please reconsider the use of the word “Chemical”. Everything is a chemical.

          • Just make the damn lip gloss it’s a cute gift idea for teenagers also.

          • Just because something’s organic, doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Cow shit is organic. You don’t see people lining up to eat it.

          • That’s the biggest bunch of BS I’ve seen in a long time. I moved to the US from Germany and sent food products over there a couple times. The only thing you CAN’T send is meat products because it’s considered to be a risk for mad cow disease and similar diseases to spread. How do you think my mom gets her her fix of Rice-A-Roni? Even before I moved here, my grandmother would send Rice-A-Roni, syrup (extremely expensive in Germany, so she got my grandma to pay for it! haha) and other typically American things.
            Also, they’ve been genetically modifying food in Europe for a couple years too. The rules are a whole lot stricter than they are here, apparently, but nowhere near as strict as you make them out to be.
            On a slightly different note, you sound like you haven’t lived at all. Sometimes you just gotta ignore what’s good and what’s bad for you and eat and do whatever the hell you want to!

          • Hmmmm that’s funny. My oncologist recommended nutritionist says that Crystal Light is not dangerous unless you are ingesting vats of it. (My cancer wasn’t caused by anything I ate or did – I was born with it.) A minute amount on the lips is no worse than buying a cosmetics at a cosmetic counter or using store bought dish detergent. For some people the only acceptable diet is raw vegetables grown from heirloom seeds and watered with pure rain water, cultivated at the right phase of the moon and imbibed after the proper prayers and rituals have been said over it. The rest of us,however, are doing the best we can.

            So if you feel the need to give advice, go to the lists where people are asking for your input and tell them all that you think you know. Just stop peeing in other people’s cornflakes. Just because you add *in love & light* does not mean your intentions reflect either.

          • kimberly says:

            Actually there is some research that suggests that GMOs are quite dangerous… and by a respectable organization.

        • Fay Shelton Carmona says:

          Thank you for posting this, I have finally found something that I can drink and love and everyone wants to condemn it. And i would think if you didn’t want to put it in your mouth why would you put it ON your mouth.

        • Patsy Beth says:

          Very well spoken!!! Thanks for the information!

    • Ive been a diabetic for about 15 years now and have been drinking diet coke and crystal light and other similar products since the day i was diagnosed.. so im gunna have to call BS on this cancer rumor

      • I agree, my mom is diabetic and she does the exact same thing! She was tested for cancer very recently and she’s completely free of it:) Never had cancer, doubt she ever will.

  5. does the crystal light disolve?

  6. AnnBaumel says:

    I wonder if you could use cocunut oil instead? I love that stuff…

    • @AnnBaumel, I don’t see why you wouldn’t able to use coconut oil.

    • I was wondering about this too?? Have you tried it?

      • i have used coconut oil to make something like this. the only problem with it is that it melts so easily. i ended up with a beautifully colored and wonderfully smelling purse lining. i will next try it with the unpetroleum jelly. i hope it’s more stable.

    • I want to try this, but I will use A & D ointment to make it. I have been using A & D as a lip gloss for years. It is better than most commercial lip balms, good for your skin, but the taste leaves a lot to be desired, and there is the issue of no color. Adding drink mix is a great idea. Thanks!

  7. Oh for heavens sake! EVERYTHING is bad for us. We’ll soon here that breathing is bad for us too. I wonder how many of us will hold our breath until they find a cure for that. One day they say alcohol is bad and the next they talk up the benefits. We’re supposed to eat fruits and veggies, and protein and dairy, and we always here of recalls.

    As for the Crystal Light-lip balm… You’re putting it on your lips people. Not snorting it!
    And if you are one of the daring sort, such as myself, who actually drinks it… God save us!

    ;) Peace out!

    • well said… thank you…

    • woot woot

    • Way to go Tamara I agree with you. You are right one week something is going to kill us and the next week its safe. I myself am going to eat and drink with I want and enjoy my life. I also drink Chystal Light and like it very much.
      May even try the lip balm.

    • Chrissybean says:

      Very well stated. :D Very cool project.

    • Good grief – this is lip gloss not a plate of goo to eat. I will be making some and I’m sure going to be enjoying it.

    • Amen! If we worry about EVERYTHING that is bad for us then we are not living anyway!!!

    • I agree Tamara there are so many things bad for you, no one can keep up and I thought this was for LIP GLOSS ….I do not remember any one saying that you eat it. It was only mentioned that if you swallow it will it hurt you or something like that. Nothing is really what you would call safe because of the preservatives in everything that if we only ate or used things that are safe for us we would either not eat and not use all the creams and such on ourselves. Just be a human because weather you do or you dont there is always something wrong with it. People lighten up you only live once and you dont get to choose when you die anyway. Do what you think is right because it is your life and your body.

      By the way I love this idea and what a great money savor especially for little ones.

    • So true we love the stuff and this will be a really cool stocking stuffer in my home

    • You know, there is a conspiracy theory going around that oxygen is actually bad for us and just takes 60+ years to kill us… ;)

    • Actually, breathing can be detrimental.
      If you over breathe or breathe through your chest rather than you diaphragm it can cause a lot of aches and pains. Also, when people hyperventilate it’s because they’re breathing in TOO much oxygen and retaining too little carbon dioxide. (which is why if you’re having a panic attack it is good to breathe in your hand or paper bag to help reduce the amount of oxygen you breath in). So everything is bad for you. =D
      On a side note, I think I might try out this lip gloss. I would love to use koolaid instead of crystal light (not much of a fan) or maybe a sweetened tea but do you think the koolaid would dye your lips? (Red koolaid might not be an issue but if I wanted to do blue or purple it might look a bit strange.)

  8. I live in Canada and buy crystal light from Walmart :)

  9. Shoppers Drug Mart also carries crystal light in Canada, where the life expectancy is on average 82.1. Slightly higher than in the US. And I know our food products are exported world wide….and even to Europe. Over 2.6 Billion in 2009 alone to Europe. It bothers me when someone rants about a topic and they spout off so called facts that are complete lies.

    BTW… Great project.

  10. Christena says:

    I would just like to know where to get those small containers if the people at Sephora are not nice?
    I’m drinking a diet coke as i post this ;) ahhh nutrasweet…. Delicious.

    • loveumadly says:

      No.. say it aint so! (the diet coke and the salespeople) You can buy empty cosmetic jars here:
      You can also use a contact lense case, but really just give a good story to Sephora. I told them I was visiting from out of town and my make-up exploded and I really needed their help!

      • Rev. Rebecca says:

        And I thought your case was totally plausible…til you went and admitted you lied to Sephora..don’t you think that sorta ruins your credibility? How about telling them the truth? Or just going to a store like Michaels/Big Lots that sells them for $1.00 or 2? Telling people to lie to others is condoning the behavior also and further ruining your credibility.
        Which was intact until then.
        Personally, my grandparents were 98, 99 and 89 when they passed and my Grandmother is around 90 right now that is still alive. And they all ate whatever they wanted. Sodas, coffee and the big bad red meats… and lots and lots of bacon whenever we would visit. So either we have very good genes, or they knew how to eat. Both of my grandmothers were at home wives mainly and cooked and cooked and cooked for the families. We always had big huge meals whenever we visited. My Dad said he ate like that all the time growing up. And by the way he is 74 and walks better than I do. But than I have 2 pain disorders brought on by a martial arts injury. So eating red meat and drinking soda and sugary foods in moderation, and my Grandma drank coffee like it was going out of style…cannot be all too bad for ya if they outlived the national average by 20 years plus.(typing from a cellphone, sorry for any typoes)

        • someone’s got their panties in a bunch

        • I agree with Rebecca.
          Natural sugars will not hurt you, nor red meat. Everything in moderation should be the rule of thumb for any diet. Artificial sugars are not bad for you persay, but you should still avoid them, as they arn’t good for you either expecially in high doses. Diet drinks should be avoided, not at all costs, but in general. Don’t even think of touching my coffee… just saying.

    • Hobby lobby or Micheals has them in a 6 pack! just got some for my daughter’s bday party.

    • I bought the small containers from the Micheal’s craft store. Very cheap!!! But, you do have to look for them…. I found them by the paints. And a little idea…. If you go to , they usually have 40-50% off coupons!
      I am doing the lip gloss as party favors for my daughters first bday tomorrow, I’m so excited to give it to them.

    • You can find these small containers in the beading section of the craft store Michael’s. That is where I found mine. I’m sure any craft store would have them.

  11. purple020680 says:

    You can get also those containers at Dollarama in Ontario, Canada. They come in 6’s and 8’s. The 6’s being slightly larger. You can find them in the craft section.

    • loveumadly says:

      Dollarama is the most amazing Dollar Store on the planet. It is worth the trip form NYC to Toronto on it’s own. Obsessed!

  12. I really like this idea. My daughter is turning 11 this Wednesday and I thought this would be a good idea for her sleep over guests to do. I naturally tried this out first to see if it really worked. I was wondering if the gloss is still suppose to be grainy feeling after it has set awhile?

    • loveumadly says:

      What an awesome idea! I’d try mixing it up more to get the grains to dissolve or using a little less powder next time. When I do have a grain, I sort of love it. It’s a little exfoliant and extra sweetness and it dissolves on your lips (or is licked away!)I think the girls will LOVE this!

  13. Okay, I’m not going to jump into the debate about whether artificial sweeteners are healthy or not, but I am going to point out that 1) if you don’t want to use something with artificial sweeteners in it, then don’t because no one is making you; and 2)you can always substitute another powdered drink mix to do this project, either with real sugar or none at all!

    • Very good point Izzie. Pretty much any powdered drink mix could be used for this, possibly even Jell-O powder, although I’m not sure how well that would work. If you have an issue with artificial sweeteners, or for that matter, this project, then don’t make it… nobody’s standing there forcing to you try it. Sheesh

  14. Love this!!!!!! Just made a bunch of them. Got my containers a 2 pack for $.99 at Walmart (in the travel size aisle).

  15. Wow I am going to try this

  16. Can’t wait to try this, have a bunch of these Drink sticks. All flavors. Thanks for the idea.

  17. Ill risk it…Geesh people…get.a.grip

  18. If it’s on the Internet, it’s true………………

  19. shotaiken says: — “Side Effects – There is no clear evidence that the artificial sweeteners sold and used in the United States are linked to cancer risk in humans.” BEST place to go for peer reviewed data. I take advice from nutritionists with a grain of salt, and always cross reference with peer reviewed data. Sometimes, they are right. Other times… not so much.

    They have found a link to weight gain, because people consuming such products will justify extra calories later. “Well, I did drink a diet soda, so I should be fine eating an extra burger and super size fries…” Oddly, most people don’t do this justification game when consuming water. It could have something to do with the flavor, as well, they theorize.

    Science is fun. :)

  20. Steph Taylor says:

    Speaking of Dollarama and artificial sweeteners…

    Here in Canada our Dollarama stores carry “Hawaiian Punch” (which is also sugar-free). I have been to many Dollar Tree stores in the U.S. which also carries them. I am going to try using that instead of Crystal Light as I have SO much of it atm. I bet the “fruit juicy red”, and the “lemon berry squeeze” flavors will work well. Thanks for the idea! :)

  21. Just a note on the Coconut Oil. You can probably use it but it does melt at 70 some degrees so could be a problem in the summer. I did see another project making deodorant using Coconut Oil and that was one of the things they found. They had to keep it in the fridge in the summer.

  22. jpflutechair says:

    I used watercolor paint containers- you know, the clear plastic circles? I rinsed them out (after using most of the paint inside first) and cut them up- it worked so well and my daughters loved making this!

  23. While breastfeeding I discovered lanolin. That is some great stuff. I use it on my lips all the time and keeps them soft and prevents them from peeling. Its actually an ingredient in things like Carmex and A&D ointment. After using it for several days, if you stop it will continue to work for something like 24-72 hours. (according to Wikipedia, I forget exactly) it is thick when you put it on and a little goes a long way, but if you warm it between your fingers before putting it on, it will thin out and go on clear. That’s what I will try mixing the Crystal Light packets with.

    • I would just warn that lanolin is sheep’s wool wax. It is a substance that is secreted from their sebaceous glands. (just to let anyone with dietary preferences/ religious beliefs that might pertain to this).

    • A & D Ointment is some great stuff. It’s the best thing I have ever used for lip balm. This idea should improve the taste a bit!

    • Lanolin is amazing stuff! I nursed four kids and introduced it to many friends as a lip product, or heel balm, or diaper rash ointment. I really think one of those companies should sell it as a lip product. I think it would be a big hit sold in other sections of a store.

  24. Love idea and am going to try it now, and cone on people its lipgloss not dinner sheesh relax

  25. If you melt any solid shortening in the microwave then dissolve in your drink mix and let it set you get solid lip balm.

  26. Check you local dollar stores jn the craft section. Dollarama carries a set of 3 lip gloss size containers for $1. I believe they are for holding small beads, but I use them for soy sauce (taking sushi to work!) and other liquids. Never had a spill.

  27. Thanks for this easy and fun idea. I used the fruit punch kool aid mini packets and also the crystalite pink lemonade. They both turned out terrific. These will be great stocking stuffers for the grandkids and it is quick and inexpensive. You can find most ingredients needed at Dollar Tree or store comprable to.

  28. The crystal light didn’t dissolve for me… Help

  29. Great idea. Thanks. I have a bunch of Crystal Light in stock pile that I got free that I could do this with. I see a girl scout troop project!! : )

  30. If you don’t want to use Crystal Light (contains Aspartame), you could always use Nestea Flavor Packets ~:)

    • You know what else worked for me was zip fizz the energy drink mix I know it isn’t the best for you so I wanted to use it for lipgloss!

  31. I had to make myself stop reading some of these posts while scrolling down to comment. I decided to risk it all and make this with my daughter. Though the Crystal Light didn’t completely dissolve, we had a blast. We even….(wait for it)…..LICKED OUR LIPS after we put it on! Gasp! Thanks for a great rainy day idea!

  32. Tigers Jewelry says:

    I LOVE this recipe! Easiest thing I’ve EVER made!!! LOVE!!!!

  33. Awesome idea! And to everyone who commented, thanks for the laughs!

  34. I think I’m going to try it with regular Kool-Aid (without the sugar) and then add a little bit of sugar myself. Obviously I’ll have to play with the mixture, but I think it would work nicely. And maybe higher temp coconut oil, so it doesn’t go liquid at lower than body temp. Will let everyone know how it goes!

  35. LIz Paulley says:

    Dear loveyoumadly, well done girl – great posting, clear, well written, good pics, fun suggestion. Ooh, did I say fun suggestion – Yes people, it’s only a suggestion. No one is forcing you to do this! I’m absolutely mortified for this girl – her posting was entertaining and an idea. I can’t understand the level of criticism and the venom in some of these comments. AND Rev. Rebecca – ‘her case was totally plausible until she told a fib’ (a little white lie) WHAT!!! How can telling a fib possibly make her case any less plausible – it’s got nothing to do with the thread of the posting, as we would say over here ‘it’s by the by’. She’s not encouraging people to tell fibs – people will do things their own way anyway. People who have nothing nice to say shouldn’t say anything at all. I won’t be making this with Crystal Light as we don’t have it in the UK, I will however be making it with lemonade powder/flavoured sherbet which you can purchase in any good sweet shop. It costs pennies. In the meantime BE NICE, this girl hasn’t committed murder or run away with her sisters husband, she simply offered a fun and entertaining suggestion. That isn’t a hanging offence.

  36. Love the idea – and found 60 of the small containers @ a Restaurant supply store – for less than $6.00 The containers are designed for salad dressings, etc., to go…. not sure about carrying around in my purse…. but for kids parties, etc., or one for you vanity, desk, and in the car… they are just fine….

  37. After reading many of these posts, it makes me so glad that I don’t have a blog where I share MY great ideas with you.

  38. I love the lipgloss idea. Don’t care about all this other nonsense and appreciate your time and effort to create a fun post. I read a post that suggested using bead containers for it. They are sold in sets at Joann’s, Michael’s, etc…

  39. Omg sugar is sugar , it’s all bad for u if u have to much! Everything is! I will be trying out the lip gloss , I think it’s super cute. Thanks for sharing, I think this will be a big hit with my friends!

  40. Would equate lubricated jelly be the same thing???

  41. Do you know where else we can find those small containers? Very cute idea :)

  42. Will coco butter work?

  43. Can you use cocoa butter

  44. Such a cute idea – they make Crystal Light with Truvia now, btw ;-)

  45. Another little cake decorators trick if you don’t want to use Crystal Lite, take real granulated sugar, mix food coloring into, and you’ll get edible glitter sugar. I’ve actually seen this on a few pins, and its been a pretty well kept secret until Pinterest came along that most of cake decorators knew.

  46. Also on the note of the rantings. There is the perfect pin on Pinterest, which is how I got here in the first place, that has two pictures, of the Dietician Julie Mckeef of You are what you Eat on the BBC, and Nigella Lawson, the infamous British cook. Both are 50 years old, and Ms. Mckeef encourages not eating any sugar, any pastries, little to no meat, and a mostly egalitarian diet aka mostly greens and vegetables. Nigella Lawson cooks with fat, butter, and makes and eats pastries and red meat every chance she gets, and take a wild guess who is the better looking and healthier looking one of the two? Yup you guessed it, Nigella Lawson. I think we all need to enjoy life, have a quality life, and splurge on some good, rich food every chance we get. After all we only live once, why not enjoy what we eat, and look to the Europeans grand culinary tradition of eating, drinking, and being merry. Oh yeah, I’m a former pastry chef/cake decorator.

  47. Oh for the love of God! Seriously??? If you are worried about what is in this then DON’T MAKE IT and STFU!! Gah!

  48. miranda simjian says:

    That is so easy to make just 1-2-3 and poof! Where did you find the non patrolium jelly?

  49. where did you find the non-patroleme jelly?

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  51. Does it have to be Crystal Light? I’ve tried this with Walmart brand drink mix, and the particles won’t dissolve. Is there a step I’m missing, or does Crystal Light have a special ingredient so unique to it that this technique will only work with this particular brand?

  52. I agree with Tess people who are turning a how to make lipstick post comments in to a political debate should really get a life or find a site where people actually care what your posting about that stuff. Or make a website yourself for this type of thing, but seriously if you do that here on a how to make lipstick you really need to grow up and act your age.

  53. I LOVE this!!
    I tried it with nestea and it tastes great

  54. OMG people don’t make the damn lip gloss then and shut the F#$! Up already!!!! DAMN.

  55. I live in a place that’s summer all year round, and just wanted to ask… Would the lip gloss melt?? Plus kool-aid/crystal light isn’t that easy to find here, so could anyone recommend any other drink mixes that I might be able to use… Thanks :)


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  4. […] are so easy to make it’s unbelievable! I used this tutorial. You’ll need two ingredients that are easy to find! Vaseline and Crystal Light drink mix! Mix […]

  5. […] Gloss. I found a cool tutorial for DIY lip gloss made with Crystal Light. It reminds me of a lip gloss-making kit I had when I was a kid; I got to blend different scents in […]

  6. […] different flavors of lip balm at home with crystal light and vaseline. I have to try this […]

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  8. […] The original idea came from HERE […]

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