Five Ways to Turn Your Veggies into Decor

As you know, I live in Manhattan and don’t usually have the dilemma of too much produce sprouting from the concrete jungle. But, I know many of you have gardens or like me, just tend to buy way too much at the market, which leaves you with gorgeous veg you can’t use before it goes bad.

During our recent South Africa trip (no, i won’t stop talking about it. ever.), I noticed a plethora of uses for vegetable and herbs that stretched far beyond the kitchen.

 ONE. Use them in a vase (or be super cool and use a laboratory glass).

So perfect for an extra parsnip that you didn’t know what to do with (and if you know what to do with the rest of the parsnips, please let me know).

TWO. Stuff them into a drawer for the perfect farmer-style decor accent.

THREE. Display your herbs! This makes a gorgeous wall piece for a party or in this case to sell your extra garden bounty.

FOUR. Even something as simple as filling a sink (or just a bowl) with fresh-plucked lemons.

FIVE. Instead of giving a flower bouquet, give the gift of vegetables.

I actually recreated the veggie bouquet recently for a dear friend who invited us to her beach house but forbade me from bringing any sweets. It was so simple and fun! I used the kale, scallions, and radish from my farm share and then picked up some carrots from the market to round it out. I then cut a brown paper bag to wrap around the bottom and circled twine around it. I was pretty impressed with myself.

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  1. Fabulous ideas! I go to a lot of potluck meetings & gatherings, I love these ideas for bringing some raw veggies to events, or doing up my house for when we meet there. Thanks for sharing this. (Can’t help on the parsnip thing – I don’t know what they’re for either)

  2. I love this! I am SO going to do this to someone one day!

  3. Love the veg bouquet!

    SonyaAnn sent me.

  4. Love the vegetable bouquet idea! What a fabulous, healthy hostess gift for a weekend with friends.


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