DIY Hair Bands In Every Color

When I was engaged, my sister gave me the best no-snag hair ties. They were awesome, but there’s only so long a married girl can rock fabric hair bands that say “I do” and “bride to be.” In search of  post-nuptial hair bands, I found that they are quite expensive. Anthropologie has adorable color combinations, but they are $12 for 5 bands. I just couldn’t pull the trigger. When I saw the world’s easiest DIY directions on Simple Medicine, I set out to see how many I could make myself for $12. Go ahead, guess…

80 hair bands! Easy. 20 yards of elastic in 20 colors. Some even with glitter.

Now the question is: what the hell am I supposed to do with eighty hair bands?



  • stretch elastic (I purchased mine here) (I used 5/8″ elastic on the glitter and “fold over” elastic for the rest)


  • Measure elastic equivalent to wrap around the circumference of your wrist, leaving an extra inch on each side
  •  Cut the elastic (a sharp scissor is best to avoid fray; cut on a slight angle)
  • Hold the two ends of the elastic together and wrap them around one finger. Pull the two ends through the loop. (do not pull on the edges of the elastic or it will fray)
  • That’s it! I added mine to a card (actually recycled extra RSVP cards from our wedding) and added fun names to give as gifts.
  • Be impressed with yourself.

*Clarification required: By purple hazing, I just mean rocking out. Not doing psychodelic drugs 1960s-style.*

** Not going to make them? Anthropologie’s really are awesome (see here) or ShopBop sells a set of 18 (see here) **

*** Are you a fellow Blogger? Check out this video poking fun at our blogger mentality (so funny, if I do say so myself): ***

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  1. Super cute! Love the sayings you came up with too.

  2. Dritz makes a product called Fray Check that’s used to seal the ends of ribbons, and I imagine it would work to stop any fraying on these babies. And I love this tutorial. I’ve been lusting after the glitter hair ties but couldn’t bring myself to pay that much. This is perfect.

    • loveumadly says:

      Aren’t the glitter ones fab? Using Fray Check is an awesome idea. I haven’t had a problem with them fraying after the knot is made, but that may happen eventually and this would solve that.

    • I found a similar tutorial online and they suggested to just melt the ends with an extension lighter (keep the ribbon near but not in the flame). Though that may not work for the glitter ones. I made them for gifts and they turned out great. I bought the elastic from Michael’s but their colors were limited. Thanks for the link for other options.

    • Katherine says:

      You can use a lighter to keep the ends from fraying. I just run the ends through the lighter quickly. It works on the regular and glitter elastic.

  3. These are super cute!! I love how they look on the little cards with the cute sayings! I really want to make some for gifts, looks like too much fun. Found you on Craftgawker. If you’re up for a party, I’d love to have you link this up to my Throwback Thursday party.

    Thanks so much for sharing! Definitely pinning this!

  4. so cute! how to you print the words on the paper?

    • loveumadly says:

      I have a typewriter actually, but most printers have options to print different sizes (for an envelope) so I’ve done it that way too. You can also print a full page of card stock on a label setting and then cut the card stock. Or… printed labels, stencils or your handwriting would work too.

  5. Would sewing the ends together work just as well as tying a knot? Great idea! I may just have to go purchase myself some stretch elastic!!

    • loveumadly says:

      Definitely would a shot, Mel. Sewing would probably work except I worry it would rip more easily. I snap hair bands all the time. And I’m sort of allergic to sewing.

  6. SUCH a great idea! My daughter keeps losing the $ store kind. Maybe she’ll keep these? They are precious and thanks so much for sharing!

    • loveumadly says:

      I lose mine all the time too. She’ll probably lose these too but it will be much less painful to the wallet! Thanks for reading!

  7. genius!

    • loveumadly says:

      I saw someone had posted this DIY to their Pinterest board entitled “You Need a DIY For THAT? Really?!” Made me laugh because it’s true, but sometimes DIYs can be the simplest thing, but as long as we have fun making pretty things (and saving money is good too)…

      • Sometimes it’s not so much the “how to” part of the diy as the idea that YOU CAN do it yourself! Brilliant work!

  8. this is a super cute idea! i love that you can personally make these kinda things without burning a hole in your pocket..i just have one question. where do you order your elastic from??

  9. Purple haze = strain of marijuana = not a psychedelic drug. haha

  10. Where did you get the elastic…
    I reviewed a set of the fancy schmancy kind a while back
    but would love to make them myself!!! I LOVE unnecesary DIY btw… And your packaging ideas are too fun <3

  11. So cute! Im so making these! You can also find them on Etsy for cheap if you dont want to make a lot

  12. Cyndle B says:

    Where did you purchase your elastics from? These are so cute!

  13. These are super cute. I’m thinking they would make good headbands too.

    • They make wonderful headbands that actually stay in your hair. I use 16 inch of the stretchy elastic. My daughter loves them.

  14. Awkward moment… But can I buy some of the 80 hair bands off of you? Lol.

  15. Caroline says:

    I would also love to buy some hair bands from you!!

  16. My younger sister is a very poor college student and loves these types of hair ties. I can’t wait to make her a basket full for her birthday! Thanks for the link!

  17. these are so cool! I pinned this, but where did you get the elastic from?!

  18. They have these at Sephora for $8 for 8 of them, which is RIDICULOUS. My sister bought me some, though, because she said she was tired of seeing my old torn-up Wal-Mart ones. I use them until they fall apart. I can’t wait to make 45983245 of these and share them with everyone!

  19. Great DIY for sure. I began making these too for friends and as gifts for my neices. Store bought were too expensive! If you’re interested in buying them there are tons on etsy. You can also buy the elastic on etsy too. A great shop is MarieMayFavorites and PoshnPretty. I sell them too if you’re interested! LuvMadeMeDoIt mention the awesome blog for a GREAT discount :)

  20. You can also get them at for $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.

  21. I know what you can do with 80 hairbands. Donate them. I want to make them for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes but there are many charities that would love them. Gosh, they are gorgeous.

  22. YAY for DIY hair ties!!! Love the colors you chose!

    Simple Medicine

  23. I’m in love with these!!! I’m always catching myself wearing my plain ugly hair-binders on my wrists, but these are adorable and CHEAP. Went on such a kick making them that I, too, am wondering what I’m going to do with all of them :) Thanks for sharing!

  24. These are adorable! Love the idea of themes for hair ties, I usually just stick to black every time!

  25. Are you selling these ties?

  26. Is the elastic completely identical to the emi-jay elastic? I am now scolding myself for ever buying the emi-jay ones!!!

  27. I’m a pony tail girl so to say that you just spoke to me heart is nothing but the truth. I have been seeing these around too and I think to myself “if only..”. So excited to make some.

  28. Thanks for posting this!! So easy to recreate a style that is hugely popular right now for pennies!! I just ordered pretty much every color they offer… Christmas gifts for everyone!

  29. What would you say average length is to the cut the elastic for an adult head?

    • Measure the length around your wrist that’s the best way to figure it out. I cut mine at 7 inches and sewed them 1/4 an inch in.

  30. Thanks so much for sharing this! I just bought some elastic from the site you recommended and can’t wait until it arrives. I wear headbands a lot for work (Massage Therapy) and it is true, getting them all from Anthropologie is expensive! I have twice considered buying those exact headbands and passed because of the price.


  31. This is so awesome! Do you know anywhere else to buy the elastics? Maybe a store you can go to? Do places like Michael’s have it? Thanks!

  32. I loved this idea! I purchased my elastic from your source (spent $13 got 15 different colors/styles). I have super thick hair so I sewed my ties instead of tying them but it worked great! I even made a few headbands. I made a set for my sister too.

  33. I agree. Sometimes A simple DIY is just a visual conversation- sharing the process to inspire others!!!

  34. I just LOVE this idea! I went to that website and spent under $12 and I think I’ll have enough for me and for my granddaughter and niece for Chanukah gifts. My hair is REAL thin and it pulls out VERY easily, so these may be the answer! Thank you for the great idea!!

  35. You are amazing! With an extended family filled with girls and long hair, our holidays will be so much more fun and festive (and frugal) when we use your ideas to make gifts everyone can use! I love that you share such a great source site as well. My only problem was limiting my choices so I don’t overwhelm myself by buying too much elastic. Thank you Thank you!! (and thanks to everyone for pinning this post, which is how I found it!)

  36. just an FYI, you can take a lighter to the ends of the elastic and it will get rid of any fray that is there, and it sort of melts the ends so they won’t fray any more. I sort of just wave the flame over the ends a few times. If you hold it there too long the melted part will be really obvious… besides the fact that it might catch on fire, lol.

  37. Amazing! I just bought 12 colors and am definitely using your idea of making them gifts! I’m giving a set (or two) to my boyfriend’s sister for christmas as a stocking stuffer! woohoo easy brownie points. Thanks much for the tutorial! :)

  38. Breanna Polacik says:

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  39. I am 10 and i am trying to sell these for my D.C trip. Now my parents said i could not go to D.C due to money situations but i still would like to sell and make them. My friends have sold them for 2 dollars a bracelet but i am not sure how much to price them. help?

    • Hmmm… A business person would say they are worth whatever someone is willing to pay! I think it’s a good idea to group them together for a bigger sale. Unique colors or glitter might sell for more. Try making headbands from them too! Good luck!!!

  40. I’ve been trying to find where to buy this elastic and what exactly it’s called for months!! Thanks for the link, I just bought one in every color! You should earn a commission @ Sunshine Shoppe!

  41. Valerie Erickson says:

    A girl at work had these and was giving them away to any of us with long hair, they are amazing! The best thing is they do not leave a “kink” in your hair! I just bought too many colors from your source and will be giving them as Christmas gifts to all the girls at work and any others I may need to give a little something to! I am so excited that I can make so many at such a low cost! I often wondered about making them but made no real effort in finding the elastic, your blog with the website was just the inspiration I needed!!!

  42. I found this at the perfect time! I just placed and order and will be giving these out for Christmas and again at my blogger event!!! Thanks! I will link to your tutorial when I post!!

  43. Thank you so much for this DIY! You have not only saved me tons of money, but also gave me the cutest christmas present idea for all of my sorority sisters! Thank you so much!!

  44. Also, check out for cheap trim and fast shipping! over 50 colors!! also, to stop the fraying you can just hold a lighter up to the edge and to melt them, it works great! (don’t let the flame touch the elastic or it will burn) i just bought some from them and when I mentioned that I found them on Pinterest they gave me 5 free yards for mentioning where I found them!

  45. I also was given some of these ties and had the same response when I went to buy them for myself – I am now only slightly addicted to making them and am selling them at two local stores and to friends! Love your color combinations – gorgeous!

  46. Any chance you remember how much shipping was?

  47. I found an amazing store that sells many prints and solids at reasonable prices!
    Have fun!

  48. i loved this idea and went to my 2 local fabric stores and neither had any colors other than white and black. where did you find your elastics?

  49. bahahahaha that video

  50. Where did you get the packaging made for your ties? I think it is such a cute idea!

  51. Do the glitter ones shed a lot of glitter? Just curious. Thanks for the tutorial!

  52. I usually relished visiting this particular website
    once a week or so since you do typically have got several great articles or blog posts so well done from one of the enthusiasts!

  53. Just an FYI you can get the ribbon for these SUPER cheap on ebay as well!

  54. Christine says:

    Hi! Love this tutorial. I’m so excited to try and make these myself. They’d be the cutest DIY-gifts. I was wondering which color you bought from Sunshine Shoppe for the yellow/gold one in the “Wedding Crashing” set? I can’t tell which of the yellow ribbons it is and I love that color for spring!

  55. I love the white cards that they are on. What size are the cards? Are they the size of an index card?

  56. This may be a silly question, but when you said wrap around your wrist for measurement, how many times?

  57. I’m addicted to making these! I seriously bought about 40 yards yesterday from various websites. Here are some things I’ve observed: has the best price/yard if you are looking for a lot of colors rather than a lot of one color. I’ve used also, they run 1.00 for 2 yards and have more colors but you are committing to 2 yards rather than 1. They will also send you 5 free yards one one of four colors when you pin about their site on pinterest. I ordered 4 yards of glitter elastic from them and they also sent me a few baggies of one inch samples of all of their colors for a dollar. I really liked this option because sometimes colors look different in person than they do online. Their shipping was also a standard 2 dollars which was great. I also purchased FOE from, they charge 0.65 per yard but offered free shipping for purchases of $15 or more with a coupon offer I found on facebook. THIS WAS NOT A CONSTANT OFFER… I just lucked out :). I like the glitter elastic that I bought, but I don’t like that its scratchy. The website that you posted also appears to have fold over elastic with the glitter woven into it (possibly) rather than a scratchy glitter layer on top. Its also 0.70 per yard which is less than 0.95 a yard on hobovian and $1.20 per yard for the glitter stretch elastic on the website you posted. the glitter fold over elastic doesn’t look as sparkly but I could see the compromise being worth it. I am looking forward to making all of my FOE hair ties, I love the cardstock display that you did, I was thinking about putting mine in small mason jars and decorating them for birthday presents and christmas. Thank you so much for posting your DIY and website! I’m glad I came across it and I encourage everyone that is looking into making these to do your research and browse the different websites before you buy your materials so that you get the best bang for your buck! Here is the link to the glitter FOE elastic that I was talking about rather than the glitter stretch elastic:

  58. I am so excited to make these! (as silly as that is). Would you happen to know if there was a way to put a logo or picture (for lack of a better word) on the elastic? I would really love to customize them!

  59. I discovered this trick independently after buying a set from Sephora. I make mine bigger so I can puff out my curly hair.

  60. Where did you get the cardboard stuff to put the Hairties on?!

  61. How did your make your hair tie holders, I want to make some for a baby shower
    what size is your card board and how did you put the writing on them.
    Please help!!!


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