Jello Shots, Semi-Grownup in a Martini Glass

“Hi Kim!! I love your blog and all the ideas you share. I’m having a reunion dinner party at my home for a group of college friends. Though it’s been nearly fifteen years since we partied as college kids, I was hoping to have a fun cocktail for everyone. I could always do a Sangria or something, but I want to make something a bit more reminiscent of the old days. Any ideas?? Thanks xx”

I’m love getting messages like this from readers. It makes my day to brainstorm with you.

College drinking came in a few forms in my days. Beer pong. Flip Cup. And I have a horrible vision of a frat guy stirring a garbage can full of “jungle juice” with a broomstick. The worst part of that memory? I drank that jungle juice. On multiple occasions. So, I love  the idea of coming up with a sanitary version of a college juice. I decided to make multi-colored Jello Martini’s. I only filled half the glass making it look a bit tipsy, but you can put your own twist on it.

How-To (inspired by lora lee lewis): Make your first Jello according to the box. You can use a traditional gelatin and you can add vodka or gin mixed with water. It’s completely up to you how strong you want it! Pour the first layer of gelatin into glass. How much gelatin you pour in will depend on what glass you are using as well as how dramatic you want the tilt.

Place each glass in a cupcake tin (or mini cupcake tin for smaller jellos) and tilt your glasses. Pour jello into each glass evenly, being careful that each jello is tilted in the same direction and angle. Place jellos inside refrigerator to set. Due to their small size, my jello layers firmed up super quick. Approximately 20 minutes.

Repeat using a new flavor of jello and adjusting the tilt of each Jello in your cupcake tin so it will hold another layer. Repeat as many times as you like, with as many colors as you like. I used three. You could, fill the glass of course too (by setting the glass straight and filling all the way). Serve with demi-spoons for grown-ups or do it the college way and swipe your finger around the jello’s perimeter and bottoms up!

Do your martini glasses have stems? Try it out in another glass. A tall, skinny glass would be great too. 

Keep the reader requests coming!  Happy Friday!

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  1. Debbie Satisky says:

    Hi Kim….love…love…love your blog. You astound me every day with all the yummy recipes and clever ideas. I’m helping to host a shower for my daughter’s best friend. We are giving it at a friend’s beautiful home and we are all making the food. Do you have any ideas about a gift to give our guests? We’ve all been to and given showers with the usual heart shaped things (wine stopper, measuring spoons, note pads, etc.) Do you have any good ideas for a guest gift? The bride is very arty and trendy. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for me! Any other shower related ideas would also be appreciated.

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