100% Pure Love for 100% Real Fruit Snacks

I’m a candy gal. A gummi gal to be specific. I look for something sweet immediately after something savory. I know, I know. It’s a bad habit. In an attempt to help myself through my issues and help a reader who requested a recipe for something sweet that is low in sugar and carbs (though natural fruit sugars were A-OK), I was on the mission.

First, take a look at the ingredient list in General Mills Fruit Roll-Ups: pears from concentrate, corn syrup, dried corn syrup, sugar, partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, citric acid, sodium citrate, acetylated monoglycerides, fruit pectin, dextrose, maltic acid, ascorbic acid, natural flavor and the following food coloring: blue 1, red 40 and yellows 5 and 6.

Here is the ingredient list for my Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups: organic fresh, dried, and frozen fruit.

100% Real Fruit Roll-Ups
From Green Kitchen Stories 

This recipe is pretty flexible. You have the freedom to pick one fruit or mix different kinds. You can use fresh, frozen and dried fruit. Below the recipe are some fruit combination suggestions, but feel free to try out your own combos too. I suggest making a few different trays of fruit at the same time because these won’t last long in your house and though they are VERY simple to make, they do take a long time to set.

1. Warm the fruit in a pot on the stove and mix it into a puree. If there are seeds in the puree you can pour it into a sieve to get the seeds out (I didn’t).
2. Spread the puree on a oil-sprayed silpat baking mat (my baking love!) or parchment paper (BE SURE to spray! If you don’t it will stick!). 1 1/2 cup of fruit puree is enough for 1 baking sheet, and put in the oven on 140°F (or as low as your oven can go. my stove’s lowest temperature is 170). Leave the oven door open a little bit to let the moisture out.
3. They are done when the puree isn’t sticky anymore, you normally need between 5-8 hours depending on the oven and your fruit choices. (If you live in a warm climate, you can just leave the pan in the sun for the day).
4. Use a sharp knife or pizza cutter to cut them and roll them with wax or parchment paper when they are still warm. Enjoy this healthy alternative.

Fruit combination ideas:
Yellow: 1 fresh mango, 200 g dried apricots, 1 orange (the juice) (these come out the best!)
Purple: Frozen raspberries, frozen blackberries and 1 banana (these were very seedy, you could replace the raspberries with blueberries)
Green: Kiwi, mango and mint leaves
Blue: Blueberries and grape juice
Red: Strawberries and banana

You can also add spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla pods or mint leaves.

If you are on a low-sugar, low-carb diet – check out this fruit chart to help decide your combo.

Spread the puree into a square


Are you a fellow Blogger? Check out this video poking fun at our blogger mentality (so funny, if I do say so myself): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siPWUnISpaY&feature=plcp

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  1. This looks great – can’t wait to try with the kids. I can’t imagine how many I ate in my life (food dyes and all) and my kids don’t have any idea what a Fruit Roll Up is! They will once we try this.

  2. Barbara Sadowsky says:

    They look delicious! Can’t wait to try them when Jodie makes them with the kids!

  3. Wow! VERY impressive. I doubt I have patience to make something which must sit for 5-8 hours. But I am seriously stunned that you made this!!

    • loveumadly says:

      I actually left them in the oven over night. I was a little nervous about it, but at that low temp (and with the door slightly ajar) it was totally fine. I also used the “cook time” button on my oven (never knew I even had that) and the oven turned off after the 6th hour. Figured if it needed more, I’d cook them for a little longer once I was up.

      • marilyn says:

        The lowest my oven temp is 200 F any sugestions ??

        • loveumadly says:

          Wait for the sunshine and try it outside! Xx

          • It will be 105 this weekend…that should be warm enough right? I would love to not turn my oven on!! :)

        • I’ve done it at 220F. you just need to moisten the edges a bit every few hours because they tend to dry faster than the rest

        • Shelley MacLellan says:

          I’ve done them in the oven with just the oven light on..it takes longer but turns out beautifully!

        • I’ve done this at 200 degrees with the door shut and they turned out great (though I did have to periodically moisten the edges using a pastry brush dipped in water). I used plastic saran wrap so I wouldn’t have to spray with oil, and that also worked great. I am excited to try the tip of leaving the oven door cracked to let out moisture. Thanks for the wonderful post!

          • You should be wary of using saran wrap. The chemicals released in melting plastic and saran wrap will give you infectious diseases, even cancer. That’s why medical associations tell you you should use glass instead of plastic in the microwave. Stay safe!

            This is a good recipe but I prefer a dehydrator too. It’s much safer to run for a long period of time instead of an oven, especially if the door is left open.

  4. Oh my god, I am SO excited to make these!! As a gummy addict myself, this is such a great alternative to all the chemicals I’ve been consuming all these years!!

  5. These are awesome! Can you please send some over this way :)

  6. I’ll look for something that good at the restaurant

  7. Roll some down my way, will ya!

  8. Laura Dupler says:

    Awesome idea! What is the shelf life of these and how should they be stored? Thanks.

    • loveumadly says:

      I haven’t tested it, but I read online that they’d stay fresh for a month at room temptation, or up to a year if frozen. Ours lasted barely a week and the last tasted as fresh as the first. We kept ours in a zip lock bag, but you could put them in mason jars or air-tight containers if you want them to last even longer. Enjoy!!

      • Could u tell me please if it should be stored with or without the baking paper? Either in fridge or in freezer, and if in freezer does it have to be in a special container? Thanks

      • Natasha Lovell says:

        My mom made apple and apple/plum roll ups years ago (10 years ago maybe?). Found them a few months ago stored in a coffee can, and they are as good as they were when they were made. Yum!

  9. medimontpooler says:

    Can’t wait to get an oven that works so that I can do this with the ABUNDANCE of plums that we have in the fall!!!

  10. Braandi Jones says:

    I can’t wait to try this! I’ve tried making fruit leathers with a dehydrator before but it always turned out brittle and I had to toss it. I make homemade yogurt in the oven overnight just using the oven light and the yogurt has be at 140* so I think I may try the same method with these.

    • loveumadly says:

      What a great idea using the light in the oven. I do think 170 (my ovens minimum) is a little to high so maybe I should try that next time. How do you make your yogurt?? XO

      • Brandi Jones says:

        Here’s the yogurt recipe I use: http://girlsguidetobutter.com/2010/02/crock-pot-yogurt/ Just a heads up though…I remembered the temperature wrong. I only make this once a month or every other month and always follow the instructions, so I don’t know where I came up with 140, but it sounded right in my head! LOL I’m still going to try this method with the fruit leathers though, but not sure if it will be warm enough.

        • loveumadly says:

          Thanks so much for the yogurt idea and recipe. It’s a good test of patience! You can also try the fruit leather in the sunshine this summer (depending where you live). I’ve heard they come out awesome that way too. Thanks for reading. xo

  11. I love making fruit leathers, but I use a dehydrator. My favorites are blueberry or applesauce. I never thought of using canned fruit, but I am going to try it. Your pictures are beautiful and should inspire everyone!

    • loveumadly says:

      I just used a combo of dry, frozen, and fresh. Never tried canned. I don’t have a dehydrator but I’m tempted to get this one since seeing all your comments. http://rstyle.me/ez5xxek4be Thanks for reading!! Applesauce leathers sounds awesome.

      • A pint jar of homemade applesauce just covers my fruit leather insert for my dehydrator. I added 1/2 tsp. cinnamon and a sprinkle of nutmeg and allspice and they were really yummy. Dehydrator is cheaper to run than my electric oven that only goes down to 175 degrees F. Haven’t tried any other flavors yet.

  12. LOVE the photos…looks so yummy…these would be great for our storage pantry

  13. I think I will try these in my dehydrator overnight. Should work wonderfully!

  14. This is great! My four year old was just saying she wanted to make her own Fruit Roll Ups!! Serendipity or something!!!

    • loveumadly says:

      I hope your four year old has a lot of patience :) But she’ll love it and it’s healthy for her. Enjoy!!

  15. motherofone says:

    just a question how do you know how much grape juice to use in the purple one? and is there any other liquid you have to use in the others so they break down or just the heat and the juices from the fruit will do the job?

    • loveumadly says:

      I just sort of eye-ball it, next time I’ll measure properly and update the post. The key is to have it all be pureed but not too runny. You have to be able to contain it on the baking mat. When you heat the fruit and puree it it provides plenty of liquid. I actually think the mango, apricot, orange one is the easiest to get the right consistency. Thanks for reading and let us know what you discover!

      • I just made the blueberry, before even adding the grape juice its so runny theres no way i could put it on a pan? does it matter if i used frozen? should they have been fresh? or do they have simmer for a long time to thicken maybe?

  16. I’m the founder/moderator for Punk Domestics (www.punkdomestics.com), a community site for those of use obsessed with, er, interested in DIY food. It’s sort of like Tastespotting, but specific to the niche. I’d love for you to submit this to the site. Good stuff!

  17. Wow! I have made fruit rolls in my dehydrator, but there is only one small tray to use for them and it’s never enough. I have been wanting to try this in my oven for a long time. Thanks for the help!! I can my own applesauce every fall, and homemade applesauce makes WONDERFUL fruit rolls.

  18. This is soooo awesome!!! Thank you so much for sharing this I can’t wait to make it!!!

  19. Carrie Heath says:

    so excited! I got a food dehydrator last year and have made just about everything but this. Thanks for the recipe!

  20. Mine have been cooking for 2.5 hours so far, and they have not began to harden once yet. Is that normal? They are still the same consistency that i put them in to start with, just a little warmer.

  21. I’d love to make these, but I’m worried about leaving them in the sun and the bugs that may want to join in my snacking – Should i cover with saran wrap and poke tiny tiny holes for moisture ventilation and a barrier to the bugs?

    • loveumadly says:

      Let me know if you try this. Just make sure there is plenty of ventilation! I’ll test it out too once it gets warm enough.

    • Stephanie Earnest says:

      I can not wait to try this!!!! If will try outside too – I was thinking I would use one of those picnic food screens if I can find one large enough to keep the bugs off – If not I may make one with light screening from the hardware store.

    • When we were kids we made dried apples with the sun. I remember my mom using an old sheet to keep bugs off. She used 2X4s to hold the sheet up off of the fruit and also to hold the edges down in case of a breeze. Just tuck the edge of the sheet under the board. The sheet allows the moisture to escape while still letting in the heat from the sun.

  22. Heather says:

    Have strawberry/banana combo in the oven right now. I used a potato masher while the strawberries and bananas were cooking on the stovetop. It seems like the seeds from the strawberries disappeared!

    Can’t wait to try these tomorrow! Thanks for the recipes!

  23. I am so excited! My almost 2-year-old LOVES her gummy fruit snacks, but they are expensive! (I buy the organic toddler ones at my grocery store and they are about $3 for a box of six pouches!) I found this on Pintrest, and immediately ordered a Silpat mat so I can make these this week. I’ve got strawberries and bananas already, and will get more fruit this weekend.

    Have you tried making them into fruit “drops” or any other shape other than the leathers? Also, do you have a guestimate on the amounts of fruit to use? Or, perhaps a consistency to watch for?

    Thanks so much for the great idea!

    • loveumadly says:

      Haven’t tried the drops but 2 cups of strawberries and 1 large banana should do. You want it pliable but not wet so just keep an eye on it. The thinner the fruit layer, the less time it will need in the oven.

  24. Christine says:

    I have a TON of frozen grapes — would these work?>>>Cant wait to try!! Thanks!

  25. Christine Sterling says:

    Hi – I have a ton of grapes in the freezer – will these work?
    cant wait to try it

    • loveumadly says:

      Hmm.. I don’t know. I love frozen grapes as a healthy refreshing snack. I’d love to hear how you do turning them into fruit roll-ups. I may have to try it too!

  26. Haha! I’m a gummy candy girl, too! But we try to avoid refined sugar so this recipe is great! Btw, the link for silpat baking mat isn’t working. I totally want one!!!

  27. Deberah says:

    Can’t wait to make for grand kids who lve fruity rol ups. Hesse are much healthier.

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  29. Do you put the parchment paper on a metal baking sheet in the oven? I can’t tell in your photos.

  30. I have dried these inside a car parked outside on a hot day… that worked very well.

  31. What size silpat mat do you use? The link isn’t working. Thanks for the great tut!!! Can’t wait to try it.

  32. Actually you can make a lot of different flavored fruit leather with applesauce as the base when you have fruit with a lot of liquid like berries (or you want to make concord grape flavor leather). Not only is it a more economical way than going with straight berries or mangos when you’re feeling exotic, but apples also have a lot of pectin (berries don’t) which helps the leather gel at an even consistency as well as keeping it from becoming brittle. That’s why it’s in almost all natural commercial leathers like Stretch Island brand.

    I also always add a little honey to my fruit puree. While I don’t like the extra sugar honey helps preserve the leather and keep it pliable and avoids it becoming brittle over time- in case it doesn’t all get eaten within the week! :)

  33. How much bananas and strawberries to you use?

  34. If I use parchment paper, should I put it on a pan or straight on the rack?

  35. Afften Taycher says:

    I picked some fresh raspberries, mulberries, black raspberries, and blueberries a few days ago and I forgot about them over the holiday. When I found them in the fridge they were mushy and I found this recipe. I tried it and it turned out great! I mixed all the berries together and pureed them. I also used a sieve to get some of the seeds out. They taste great. I only wish I could figure out what the nutritional content is for them…especially the sugar, carbohydrate, and calorie content….any suggestions?

  36. Oh my lanta, this is genius! Fruit leather is my favorite thing to snack on, I can’t wait to try them homemade and fresh!

  37. I made these with apple, raspberry, and strawberry and it is the best tasting thing I’ve ever made! My oven goes as low as 140 but even with that I found that the center took FOREVER to cook (way longer than edges)…anyone else have this problem? I wet the edges of mine a few times because I was paranoid…took probably over 8 hours! Crazy long time.

    • loveumadly says:

      I’m so glad it came out great! Love your combo! A lot of times the trays have a natural dip in the center so more puree gathers there. When you make it again try to keep it thicker on the outside and maybe that will help. Report back!

  38. My son will love this! I don’t buy him fruit roll ups often, because he eats them so fast that they aren’t worth the money, and I don’t like how much sugar is in them. I live in Arizona so I don’t even have to use the oven! I guess, that’s one benefit of 110 degree weather!

  39. yippee! another recipe for my backpacking trip.

  40. Kiessa Harvey says:

    What are the measurements. How much fruit do you use, how much juice. There are no measurements.

  41. Found this on Pinterest and am so excited about it. We got blueberries and blackberries this week in our CSA and I didn’t know what to do with them that would be relatively healthy (other than just eating them plain, which is also delish) and am trying this now. I am using blackberries, blueberries, some frozen raspberries, and a banana. So excited!!

  42. Juliann says:

    This is awesome I never knew you could do it in the oven. My mom always used her dehidrator, wich makes a lot at once but I dont have one.

  43. Nicole B says:

    I use a dehydrator at 105 degrees for 24 hours. Also, I purée mine in a blender instead of on the stovetop. Keeping the fruit at this low temp preserves a bit more of the nutritional value. Another idea is to sprinkle some unsweetened coconut flakes on the mango mixture after it is spread.

  44. This looks fantastic. I’m always looking for something sweet to take on the commute train with me.

  45. Mmmm, I have some frozen mango and pineapples in the freezer and some canned cherries in the pantry, also some fresh blueberries that have gotten mushy in the fridge. I’m fixin to experiment! I’m gonna put them outside in this Mississippi heat and let them dry their little hearts out. I think cheesecloth laid on top and tucked tightly underneath the pans should keep any critters out. I’ll just have to check periodically for these godawful fire ants. I wouldn’t wish those things on my worst enemy! So glad I found this – my “babies” are high school and college age but they love fruit roll-ups…so much that I had to stop buying them because they gobble the expensive things up too fast. lol

  46. Jonathan says:

    Did anyone else use parchment paper and have it get stuck? I couldn’t separate the fruit roll up from the parchment and had to dump the whole batch.

    • loveumadly says:

      Oh Jonathan, I’m so sorry that happened! So frustrating! I used my silpat, so I’m not sure. I did some research online and saw that people either used plastic wrap (makes me too nervous!) or sprayed their parchment paper. I’ll make a note of it in the recipe so other users know.

  47. these sound like the perfect snack! and I loved the video at the end…so much truth in it :)

  48. Just found your site and saw you use silicon sheets to bake on. I try to elimate plastic from the kitchen when possible. Do you know if the silicon transfer into the food? Kinda like the plastic water bottles or frozen meals put in plastic. We work towards being green and organic and just don’t want to add any more chemicals to my toxic body… “)
    Can’t wait to make these..when the Vegas heat fades a bit.
    Henderson, NV

  49. My friend just sent me your website, found it on pinterest. My boyfriend and I recently made some with wild blue and red huckleberries, so I am axious to try some of your combinations. Thank you so much for promoting healthier alternatives!
    Jodie, RD, CD

  50. I love fruit roll ups, and I can not wait to try this heathly alternatives. I am so exicited.

  51. Thanks for this recipe! I’m looking forward to making these to pack for my son’s school lunch. With that in mind, how long do these last and how should they be stored?

  52. Has anyone tried useing the dash of their car as a dehydrator? My aunt use to do it but I don’t remember how. Sorry to say she has past. I could use any advice. I live in southeastern coastal North Carolina hot and humidy.

  53. I make these but run the fruit that have seed through a juicer then I mix the 2 cups of fruit with 1 cup of honey. The honey is a natural preservative. I have a convection oven and it has a dehydrating setting. I also have a Excalibur dehydrator that is excellent. I use it all the time. I will be making apple fruit roll up tomorrow.

  54. Wow, I would have never thought they’d be sooo easy to make! I’ve added this to my blog, too (using one image and an intro, then linking here to your post). I hope this is ok? If not, just let me know.

  55. You can also put in a dehydrator!

  56. I’ve been looking for this for sooo long!!!… This should work great for “sweet sushi” 😀 thank you!!!

  57. How long do these last after they are done? And do you just store in parchment paper or do you seal them somehow?

  58. Making these right now! First batch is in the oven – 2 peaches (couldn’t find mangos, dried apricots and a splash of OJ. Second batch is on the stove – all berries with a splash of OJ. I used the stove to break them down most of the way – over very low heat and then tossed it al in the blender to break it down the rest of the way. Can’t wait to try these later today!

  59. Can these be made on a food dehydrater?

  60. Meghann Just says:

    I live in a higher elevation~4000 ft near Mt Lassen, Ca…..any suggestions of things I might need to change before I make this yummy treat!

    • 7,200 ft here in Laramie, WY. I wouldn’t think that you’d have to change anything. Baking goods and cooking time of other foods are the only thing I have needed to be concerned with here. (The altitude may affect the drying time a little; not sure.)

  61. I attempted to make these today. Had them in the oven for 2 hours & they started smelling burnt & now they’re black. I did the mango, apricot, orange one. Any suggestions? I was so excited about these for after school snacks for my kids.

  62. Imattempted to make these this morning. I used the mango, apricots, orange juice recipe. They have been in the oven for two hours at 170. They started smelling burnt & are now black but still sticky. What did I do wrong? Any suggestions? I was so excited about these for after school snacks for my kids.

  63. I made one with some leftover pumpkin puree I had. Mixed it with some granny smith apples and it turned out fantastic! The pumpkin seemed to shrink as it dried though, so it ended up being more of a “jerky” than a fruit roll up.

  64. Where do you find this mat????I’ve never seen it before?Can I just bake it on a baking sheet?

  65. Looking forward to trying this. One word of caution- it isn’t advisable to use a sharp knife or pizza cutter on a Silpat as it can slice it and render it unsafe to use. Hopefully these can be flipped over to a cutting board to slice.

  66. Looking forward to trying these.
    One word of caution- it is not advisable to use a sharp knife or pizza cutter on a Silpat as it can slice it and render it unsafe to use. Hopefully these can be flipped over to a cutting board to slice.

  67. Yummy, great idea and your tutorial pictures are beautiful.

  68. Any tips on how to spread the puree evenly before baking? Mine was a mess!

  69. These aren’t really much of an improvement over regular fruit roll ups. Besides the small amount of fibre, and the lack of food dyes, these fruit snacks are FULL of sugar, just like fruit roll ups. Dried fruit isn’t healthy. It’s basically candy.

    One apricot has about 3g of sugar and 1g of fibre. When you eat apricots as a snack, you might have 2 or 3, meaning your snack has 6-9g of sugar. When you eat DRIED apricots you might eat 10-15. That’s 30-45g of sugar! That’s the equivalent of over 23 lollipops (each has 1.9g of sugar).

    These snacks are only good if they’re replacing candy in your diet. Please don’t go overboard eating them thinking “it’s fruit so it must be healthy”.

  70. Made these over the weekend and they were awesome!! The mango, apricot is my fave. Just keep a close eye on them and make sure to leave over door open as advised.

  71. I just tried to make these for my little girls. They LOVE fruit snacks and I thought that this would be a healthier alternative. Well, it didn’t work as well as yours. My oven only goes as low as 200. I don’t know if it was too thin or what? but the edges got burnt and the middle was still sticky? A little disappointed. :-/

  72. Sound great! Will it work with canned fruit?

  73. Fantastic idea!

  74. Love it! Thanks so much for posting this awesome recipe! Cant wait to try it:)

  75. Attempted these today -pureed fresh apples, some pomegranite seeds & a bit of white grape juice concentrate- in my vitamix. Cooked them on the stove for about 5 minutes, then Put them in oven for 7 hrs @170 with oven door cracked. At 7 hrs they were barely drying-hardly any change at all! So I turned ho to 200. Door closed & now they are dryer, but tons of cracks (like maybe I spread it too thin on the silpat?). They don’t seem to really be firm tho- I could prob scoop up the mixture, but it wouldn’t stay together as a piece… Where did I got wrong? :( I have another batch w/apple & blueberries I don’t want to waste it -my kids would just eat it as applesauce…

    • Sorry it didn’t work well. What a pain! I didn’t use any of the ingredients you tried and I cooked mine on the stovetop so it’s a different method. I think maybe you were missing a “binding agent” fruit in there (like an apricot or banana maybe) – If you use a higher temp then spray some water on the edges routinely so it doesn’t dry out.

  76. hi i was wondering i just warm the fruit then put it into a blender and puree it until it becomes a liquid form? or do i boil the fruit with water and then puree?

  77. I made some yesterday using all fresh fruit; strawberries, raspberries and banana. My cooked fruit wasn’t as thick as yours look in the pictures. I still went ahead and put them in the oven @ 170… 3 hours later they were done. A bit crisp around the edges and very thin. What did I do wrong? I am going to attempt them again. Do you have any suggestions for me?


  78. these look sooo yummy, but are they tasty? the reason why i ask is that i LOVE the healthy snack idea and the simplicity of this, but i tried to make them once and they were HORRIBLE! I only used strawberries and when i tried them, they were so salty! any experience with this? if you use more than one fruit (such as your recipe using strawberry AND banana), does it eliminate the salty taste?

    thanks for the great ideas!!

  79. Looks yummy and organic. Great! Thanks for posting.
    My children’s book is organic too.
    “The Big Bad Rain Monster.”

  80. Looks yummy and great that it is organic.
    My children’s book is organic as well.

  81. What about baking this on tin foil? I feel like that would work too wouldn’t it?

  82. I know my grandchildren will love this!

  83. I want to spread coconut oil on the parchman paper instead of spraying. Have you heard or done this before?

    • just tried that now… as I don’t have sprays. Will let you know in about 5-8hours!
      Blueberry with a pinch of pear.

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  85. Melissa says:

    For fruits with seeds would it work to juice them or not?

  86. Anne Tetzlaff says:

    How much grape juice do you add?

  87. Holy awesomeness! I’m so excited and I can’t wait to try this out myself, I’ve featured them in this post. http://www.coachcasie.com/2013/04/10snack-recipes.html

  88. For the Blueberries & Grape Juice…how much of each ingredient?

  89. Just to clarify… 5-8 hrs in the oven, right?

  90. I made these yesterday with a banana, blueberries, and juice from two oranges. I just tried it… SO GOOD!

  91. Does the frozen fruit have to be thawed out?

  92. Any ideas on how to keep the bugs away if I “bake” them outside in the summer sun?

  93. Courtney says:

    I love this! I too have the sweet tooth problem and so does my oldest daughter who is 5. So I’m ALWAYS looking for healthy treats that don’t take 20 ingredients! Thanks! Can’t wait to try!

  94. This was so easy!!! And tasted amazing! I did just peaches from a can, blended them in my bullet and cooked it at 170 for about 6 hours. I should have basted the corners, but didn’t realize I needed to until I read the comments. If you think this recipe is time consuming or hard, it’s not! And you get quite a bit out of just one recipe.

  95. you know if you run berries through a wire mesh strainer then you’re left with the fine pulp and the juice

  96. What a great idea these fruit roll-ups, it source of inspiration, and so tasty, thank you, the kids will love it:)

  97. I simply blend different fruits in the vitamix, pour on solid dehydrator sheets, dry, then flip over the dry the other side, slice, and roll up.

    Totally simply, and completely delicious.

  98. Looks delicious! How long will they stay good? Do you have to keep them in the refrigerator?


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