Testing Hair Tutorials on the Subway

Lately, I’ve had an awful combination of being lazy about doing my hair and being chronically late for work. You may ask, why am I late to work if I’m not even doing my hair? It’s a good question and it’s not because I’m sleeping late. I’m not sure how to explain the time warp that takes place in my apartment between the hours of 7am and 8:15am.

I pulled a few hair tutorials, tested them, and then graded them based on my three key factors: Ease; Final Result; and Likelihood of Completing on the Subway. Speaking of doing tasks that really should be done in the privacy of your own home, have you noticed an influx of people clipping their nails on the subway lately? It’s gross and I got hit by a flying nail the other day. (And I know one of my sisters is going to comment that they caught me putting deodorant on in a DC taxi once, but that was really out of courtesy). So really, doing your hair on the subway is no big deal.

The below ratings are based on a seriously challenged system. I can’t do my hair for my life, so if I can do it and you can’t – you have serious problems.

Twisted pony (Tutorial here)

Difficulty: Pretty easy.
Final Result: Simple and pretty. Probably won’t go fishing for compliments in it though.
Subway Grade: Could do this standing up in a crowded train with medium elbow room.

Braid, one part of braid be a braid (Tutorial here)

Difficulty: Very easy, as long as you can do a simple braid.
Final Result: Meh. I think this is better for very long hair. But on really rough days when it’s either going out with wet hair or a regular braid, this is a small stepup from that.
Subway Grade:Could definitely do this standing up in a crowded train with limited space.

Double Knot (Tutorial here)

Difficulty: Easy even for me. On mornings when I can’t tie a knot, I have bigger problems than my hair.
Final Result: I like the knots, but I’m not crazy about the ends sticking out. I think I’d pin them around the knot.
Subway Grade: Could do this standing up in a crowded train; I just feel bad for the guy you are going to knock out behind you.


3 Buns in an Oven (Tutorial here)
Difficulty: Moderate-Easy
Final Result: This is my favorite because it looks more complicated than it is and I can do it with wet hair.
Subway Grade: I’ve done this several times on the train. I suggest sitting on the train while doing this one. People who didn’t see the final result definitely thought I was nuts, but the people who were with me till the end were really impressed. I even got a few nods of approval.
Braided Bun (Tutorial here)
Difficulty: Really not nearly as hard as it looks, as long as you can do a normal braid (or five), but the most difficult of the bunch.
Final Result: Love it!
Subway Grade: Definitely need a seat on the train for this one. Maybe I should stuff my shirt and pretend I’m a pregnant lady with bad hair who really needs a seat.
For more hair help, check out my favorite tool and my favorite braid bar.
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  1. Go to sleep earlier

  2. I usually do my hair in public places too, mostly because it’s super curly and if I leave the house with my hair down it will need to be pulled back at some point in the day. Had to laugh at your comment about the buns in the oven. I can just imagine the people staring at you styling your hair on the subway! So glad they approved. 😉

  3. Great Website! Found you on Pinterest..love all of the hair tutorials. I will definitely bookmark your site. If you get a chance check out my site: http://www.theultimatebetty.wordpress.com

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Found you via Pintrest too – Freaking love how you have graded them via difficulty on the subway :)

    You make me want long hair again right now.

  5. this is so easy and cute. Never know how to wear my hair for school. But, know I do. Thank you so much!

  6. StrawberryBlondePgh says:

    Honestly, I am SO glad I just stumbled upon your blog. I do my hair in the car 2-3 times a week. I even style hair on the side…I’m just not a morning person! If you have the time while you are just sitting there, why not make good use of it and save yourself some stress in the morning! Thank you for being honest-no one should judge. I see people going in to work with plain wet hair ALL of the time-at least we make some sort of effort 😉 Keep up the great work! I’ll have to share my super fast full bun with you when I get my site up and running. It’s SO fast and looks super fab.


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