Which is more offensive: Hilbilly or Redneck Wine Glasses?

I admit that I watched the whole season of the Bachelor. It murdered my brain cells, I’m sure of it. Monday night Ben chose mean-girl-Courtney over nice-girl-Lindzi. He is dumb and he had major looks of regret on his face after the show. The season wasn’t a total waste though, I was inspired by the hometown date with Lindzi’s family. Throughout the evening the family kept cheersing with these very strange wine glasses. They appeared to be a mason jar on stilts. Being a lover of all things mason, I Googled away and found out they are just glass jars glued to a candlestick. They are called “Redneck Wine Glasses.” Pretty funny politically incorrect. They sell 4 for about $30. That’s kinda of silly for something so silly, so I made my own for $2 each.

They are perfect for a picnic or for an outdoor party… Now I just need a name for them.


Mason Jar – I used wide mouth pints, but you can choose whatever size works for you
Candlestick – Most dollar stores will have this (for a dollar)
Glue – It’s very important to use a good glass glue so it doesn’t come apart. There is much debate over what glue is best for glass on glass. I used DAP All-Purpose Adhesive 100% Silicone Sealant, which is an aquarium-safe glue found at Home Depot. It is safe for food contact.
Medium grade sand paper – I don’t know if this really helped, but if you have sandpaper or a nail file use it.

1. Sand the top of the candle stick and the bottom of the mason jar (where they will marry).  2. Squeeze glue around top of the candlestick and on the bottom of the mason jar around where the candlestick wil line up. For me it worked best to have the jar bottom-up on a table. 3. Press the glued stick into the glued jar. Do your best to have center it on the jar and press down to release any air bubbles in the glue. 4. Let it dry and enjoy! And remember handmade –> hand-wash.








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  1. I’m watching your food photos since you blogged about them, they look so professional! You’ll love this blog, White on Rice Couple. Todd and Diane are foodies ~ who are photographers of food ~ and pros. They’ve done some name shoots and teach too. Check it out….http://whiteonricecouple.com/
    Cheers, Toni

  2. So funny I see your post here. Earlier today I saw these “Redneck wine glasses” on sale at a Hallmark and thought it was the strangest thing but apparently they are more popular than one would realize.

    • loveumadly says:

      I know; they are quite ridiculous. But then kind of brilliant at the same time. I think they might be better for summer cocktails than wine. Thanks for reading!

  3. Now that’s a whole ‘nother kind of crazy 😀 But hey, whatever floats your boat! If you want to be ‘politically correct’, you could always call them rustic.

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  5. I’m from Charleston, South Carolina, and we’re either very politically incorrect, or we’re geographically close enough to actually be rednecks- so you can find them at almost any store down here, labelled as “redneck wine glasses.” Perhaps in NY you have to be more careful? But rest assured, doctors and lawyers alike are down here, drinking their assorted beverages in style. You can even buy them decorated. Heaven help us.

    And no, I don’t own any. But I must have half a dozen mason jars in my cabinet that regularly hold drinks, fresh flowers, leftovers, and almost anything else.

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