All You Need Is Love… And A Lot of Other Things…

Photo by Hak Lonh Via Oh Joy

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Truth is, I like chocolate; I like flowers delivered to my office; and I like an excuse to be extra sweet to all my loved ones. But, it is a very tight rope to walk to avoid falling into a pit of lovey-dovey-cheesiness. At our wedding this summer we had a theme that fit this well. You saw our hotel bags that read, “all you need is love and… a little travel.” We also decided we needed books, candy, sleep. Our guestbook was a gorgeous board (made by Down To Earth Style) that now hangs in our apartment. It reads all you need is love and… And our guests wrote what else we needed, like friends, of course.




Share in the below comment section what else you need in addition to love…And don’t forget to check out my sister site Love Them Madly today for an awesome children’s gift idea. 

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  1. A good book, a good movie, a good tennis match, a good friend.

  2. Chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.

  3. Is this really yours???? Oh, I so love this piece of art. I made it and I so hoped that you would love it too!!!! I hope your 1st year in marriage is going wonderfully and I really want you to remember that all you really need is love! Really! Your sister Jodi is a doll…
    Love, Holly

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