Product Obsession: iSpy Cool Tech Accessories

At my bridal shower last May, my awesome girlfriends gave me an iPad. When I caught Dean drooling, I very generously told him he could borrow it when I wasn’t using it. Clearly not the best sharer, I decided to get him one for his birthday.  The challenge was getting it to Florida, where we were celebrating with his fam, without him seeing  it.  I ordered this “disguised” case in the hopes of preserving the surprise.  As I loaded his covered iPad into the security bin at the airport, I watched his face to see if he recognized the gift. But he just slid his shoes, belt, and watch into his own bin and kept going. When I gave it to him on his birthday, I said he didn’t have to keep the case; he could switch to my simpler case if he preferred (not-so-secretly hoping to have the cool case for myself). He responded too smartly, I actually really like it, but you can borrow it when I’m not using it.
Here are some other cool cases….

Kate Spade Here’s The Story Classifieds 

Missoni for Target Leather Zig Zag Case

M-Edge New Yorker Case

Rebecca Minkoff Stitch Sleeve
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  1. Julie Deneen says:

    So vintage yet ‘smart’ looking!! I love it!!

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