I Wanna Rock With You: Place Card Ideas

My mom rolled her eyes a few times at me while planning our wedding. Granted, I was pretty annoying. I even schlepped her all the way across the country wanting to see venues in Napa. But once we decided on Rhode Island, I had a vision. I wanted our rustic chic wedding to be personal and warm. Often, my mom would say “Don’t you think you’re going a little overboard?” So when she called to ask what I was thinking of as place cards for our rehearsal dinner, I took a deep breath and gave her the answer I thought she wanted. “We can make it easy and ask the invitation designer to make matching cards?” It killed me to utter those words. Mom said, “Honey, we can do better than that. Maybe collect rocks or shells from the beach and write everyone’s names on them?” If only Mom could have seen the shit-eating grin on my face at that moment. She had joined Team DIY.

The rock is hidden here, but the flowers turned out beautiful too.

And after the party, the rocks found a special home at my Moms…

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention (I wonder by whom??) that it was my sister Jodie who went to the beach with me in search of the rocks; inspected each one to be sure of the correct smoothness, color, and size; loaded them into beach pails and schlepped them back to the house. All with a stiff neck. Oh, and I’m pretty sure it was raining that day, too.

Then I used a white paint pen to write each guests name on one side, and their table number on the other side.

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